Alternative Cancer Therapy: The Importance of Optimized Nutritive Support

Alternative Cancer Therapy: The Importance of Optimized Nutritive Support

Each year in the United States, nearly two million people receive a cancer diagnosis, which marks the beginning of a battle against a powerful invader. As any good soldier can tell you, entering this battle both with strong defenses and with resources flowing in to keep up these defenses is paramount.

Unfortunately, one of the most common ways to fight cancer is to carpet bomb the home front through chemotherapy and radiation. While these cancer treatments are effective in killing aggressive cancer cells, they’re also killing healthy cells in equal measure.

For this reason, HealthFirst’s Dr. Jonathan Singer is a big proponent of alternative cancer therapies that optimize your body’s defenses.

Here’s a brief look at how we can help you fight cancer from the inside.

Sending in reinforcements

At the heart of our alternative cancer therapies are intravenous nutrient infusions that introduce the vitamins, minerals, and other substances your immune system needs to fight cancer cells. More specifically, these include:

Vitamin C

This vitamin is a critical one for boosting your immune health, as it has an enormous antioxidant effect that protects your body from toxins that create inflammation. 

Vitamin C therapy has been used for decades to support cancer treatments, and there have been innumerable studies that report the same findings as this one: Vitamin C promotes anti-cancer activity in the body, including damaging cancer cells, improving immune function, and reducing toxicity.


This nutrient is also well known for boosting immunity as it works to fight bacteria and viruses. When it comes to fighting cancer, zinc can also play a role, namely in preserving the TP53 gene that’s found in every cell in your body. This gene controls production of the p53 protein that fights cancer by suppressing tumors.


This ingredient in our IV infusions excels in fighting inflammation in your body. Not to mention, reports have found that, “Laboratory and animal research suggests that curcumin may prevent cancer, slow the spread of cancer, make chemotherapy more effective, and protect healthy cells from damage by radiation therapy.”

In addition to the above, our IV cancer therapies also include artesunate, alpha-lipoic acid, and polyMVA, which all work together to protect and strengthen your body against cancer.

Optimizing your health 

While our IV infusions are designed to specifically help your body fight cancer, they’re also designed to replenish your resources more quickly, especially if you’re undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

Depending on your treatments, the type of cancer you have, your current medical health, and what we find in your blood tests, we can design an IV cancer therapy to meet your specific needs.

To learn more about our alternative cancer therapies, we invite you to contact one of our offices in Greenwood Village, Colorado, or Cheyenne, Wyoming, to schedule a consultation.

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