Move More Freely With Prolotherapy

Move More Freely With Prolotherapy

The numbers surrounding joint health in the United States is nothing short of eye-opening. The Arthritis Foundation estimates that more than 92 million people have doctor-diagnosed arthritis or arthritis symptoms.

At HealthFirst, Dr. Jonathan Singer understands that this surprisingly large number is only going to grow as the population ages. To fight back against painful and inflamed joints, Dr. Singer offers an alternative treatment that helps jumpstart the healing process in your joints — prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy basics

At our practice, we believe in finding solutions that don’t just mask the problem, but help to solve it, and we believe that prolotherapy fits the bill.

The concept behind prolotherapy is quite simple — we inject an irritant into your damaged tissues to jumpstart the healing process. The human body is amazingly self-sufficient and contains most of the resources it needs to heal itself. Our goal with prolotherapy is to create an amplified call for this healing response.

The irritant we use is either sugar- or saline-based. When we inject this irritant into your damaged tissues, your body responds by sending in growth factors and regenerative agents, such as stem cells.

When we can use prolotherapy

Given the numbers surrounding joint pain, let’s start with this area of health. Arthritis is an umbrella term for a number of diseases that result in joint pain and inflammation. Unfortunately, in most cases, there is no cure for the problem, only solutions that manage the symptoms.

Our goal with prolotherapy is to help the damaged soft tissues inside your joint to repair and heal for longer-term results.

Since prolotherapy is relatively safe, we’ve found many other applications for the treatment, especially when it comes to chronic and degenerative disorders. For example, prolotherapy is a great solution for:

In many cases, you benefit from a series of prolotherapy treatments, which we space apart to allow time for your body to respond.

What you can expect after your prolotherapy treatments

Don’t be alarmed if your joints become slightly more inflamed immediately after your prolotherapy treatments — this just means your body is responding. Bear in mind that this inflammatory response is the precursor to your body’s regenerative response.

After a few days, the inflammation should subside, and your body will accelerate the healing process in earnest. Your patience during this time is key, as your body works to rebuild and repair tissues on a cellular level. 

Over the course of your treatments, you should realize more mobility in your body and less discomfort, allowing you to move more freely through the world.

If you’d like to learn whether prolotherapy is right for you, please contact one of our offices in Greenwood Village, Colorado, or Cheyenne, Wyoming, to schedule an appointment.

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