5 Reasons to Consider Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

There’s little in your body that isn’t somehow affected by your hormones, which are tiny chemical messengers that control everything from your appetite to your moods. 

When certain hormones become imbalanced, the effects can cast a wide net. This is where bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help.

At HealthFirst, Dr. Jonathan Singer has long understood the role that hormones play in your health and how deficiencies can create both physical and mental health issues. Whether your hormones are on the decline because of age or some other underlying problem, here are five reasons why you should consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

1. Ladies, first

One of the more significant hormone issues is among women who pass through menopause and experience a precipitous drop in their reproductive hormone levels. 

While menopause does, in fact, mark the end of your reproductive years, these hormones control far more than your ovulation. Many women are left with:

Through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, we can ease this transition and resolve many of the unwanted side effects of menopause.

2. Low testosterone in men

While men may not experience an abrupt transition like menopause, they do face decreasing testosterone levels as they age. Starting in your 30s, your testosterone production begins a slow decline, which can eventually lead to:

Through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, we can bring your testosterone levels up for optimal function.

3. As good as the real thing

Bioidentical hormones are chemically identical to your own hormones, yet they’re most often derived from natural resources like plants. As a result, your body responds to bioidentical hormones just like they’re your natural hormones, reducing the risk of side effects. 

4. A customizable solution

Another benefit of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is that we can customize your treatments. To get started, we test your blood for over 30 hormones and metabolite markers and then come up with a formula that’s best for your unique needs.

We monitor your symptoms and perform follow-up blood tests to determine whether we should make any adjustments. In this way, we can ensure that we meet your wellness goals through hormone replacement.

5. Different delivery methods

The delivery mechanisms for bioidentical hormones are varied, which allows you to choose a method that’s right for you. For example, we can implant slow-release pellets under your skin, which means you don’t have to think twice about your treatments.

If you’d rather more of a spot treatment, bioidentical hormones come in patches, pills, gels, and injections.

To learn more about the many benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, contact one of our two locations in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and Cheyenne, Wyoming, by phone or online today.

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